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About Us

Omega Auto Care pays the bill when your vehicle’s covered parts and systems break down. Keeping your car beyond its factory warranty makes good financial sense, unless expensive repair bills end up being more than your monthly car payment. That’s where we can help, picking up where your factory warranty leaves off. Our Vehicle Service Contract pays for the repair bills outlined in the coverage level you select. You already have insurance if someone or something damages your car. Omega offers insurance when your car is damaged due to mechanical failure. It’s Protection and Financial Security for you!

Omega Auto Care is insured by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company, a Fortegra company. We are members of the Vehicle Protection Association, and also of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

Why Choose Omega Autocare?

Our goal is simple: to take the stress out of auto repairs and surprise maintenance. We know that vehicle repairs can be costly, leaving vehicle owners frustrated and overwhelmed. That’s why we are dedicated to offering outstanding services to our customers. Since 1968, we’ve serviced vehicle owners by offering protection and financial security wherever they go.

Our service contract allows customers to rest assured that their vehicle’s mechanical problems will be taken care of. Beyond vehicle repairs, we also offer benefits like roadside assistance, road hazard coverage, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption protection. Simply put, with Omega Auto Care covering your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about bumps in the road ever again.

When you have a contract with Omega Auto Care, you will be protected by Roadside Assistance for all of the following:

About Omega Auto Care Coverage Plans

Omega Auto Care wants our customers to be covered no matter what kind of vehicle they have. Because of that, we offer three coverage options for our customers.

New Exclusionary

Option is for vehicles that are current model year + 7 model years with less than 100,000 odometer miles at point of purchase. This option covers repairs on almost all component systems.

Used Stated Coverage

Option is for vehicles that are current model + 10 model years with less than 150,000 odometer miles. This plan covers most of the component systems.

Powertrain Protection

Option is for vehicles that are current model + 15 model years and less than 250,000 odometer miles. This options covers systems such as engine, transmission, transfer case, and drive axles

At Omega Auto Care, we pride ourselves in providing unbeatable services and protection to our loyal customers. If you’re looking for financial assistance with bills regarding your vehicle, contact us today to learn more about our coverage plans.

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