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You already have insurance if someone or something damages your car. Omega Auto Care is insurance for when your vehicle inevitably becomes damaged due to mechanical failure. Modern cars don’t just come with the latest mechanical equipment, they also come with complex electronics, technology, and infotainment systems. As a result, modern cars are more expensive to repair — unless you have Omega Auto Care.

Our auto warranty programs pick up right where your factory warranty leaves off. When you have Omega Auto Care on your side, a $5,000 repair bill for a busted transmission is no longer a nightmare scenario. From faulty fuel systems to failing brakes, our auto warranty has you covered.

It’s more than protection, it’s financial security!

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About Our Auto Warranty Coverage

As a car owner, you want to get the most out of your vehicle. While basic maintenance certainly helps extend your car’s life, this is not always enough. When mechanical failure causes auto issues past your factory warranty, these bills can add up, causing a potentially difficult financial situation. Soon, your repair bills are more expensive than the car you spent seven years paying off.

This is where Omega Auto Care comes in.

We know that you want to keep your car past its warranty but don’t necessarily want to spend thousands of dollars every time something goes wrong. But with our unique vehicle warranty coverage plans, you don’t need to worry. We pick up where your warranty leaves off, offering coverage, roadside assistance, and benefits to fit your needs. This provides both protection and financial security.

Our Coverage Options Are Designed Around Your Needs

Our auto warranty coverage plans include benefits for a wide range of car owners. The professionals at Omega Auto Care are happy to work with you to choose a plan that works best for you. Then you can get started enjoying financial peace of mind. Some of our most popular plans include:

  • New Exclusionary: This plan covers any current model year +7 model years with fewer than 150,000 odometer miles. Those opting for this coverage can enjoy coverage for nearly all component systems.
  • Used Stated Coverage: Car owners with current model +10 model years and fewer than 150,000 odometer miles may benefit from this plan. This also covers repairs for most component systems.
  • Powertrain Protection: If your car is a current model year +15 model years and has less than 250,000 odometer miles, our professionals may recommend this plan. This plan covers the most important systems in your vehicle including the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, and more. Omega Auto Care offers three levels of this plan, so consult our website for more details.

For more information about these plans, or for help choosing the right plan for you, contact our professionals today. We will help you assess your needs and decide which coverage will work for you. And once you get signed up, you can rest assured that your auto needs are covered.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Car Warranty? Roadside Assistance, Rental Cars, and More

While our plans are set up to provide you with exemplary service, our assistance doesn’t stop there. We also offer several client benefits to keep you prepared when the unexpected happens. So beyond paying for mechanical repairs to your vehicle, once you sign an Omega Auto Care vehicle service contract, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Roadside Assistance: When you find yourself on the side of the road due to a mechanical failure, we have you covered. This benefit covers towing, flat tire changes, jump starts, vehicle fluid delivery, lockout service, and concierge service. For more information on benefit details and restrictions, refer to our website.
  • Road Hazard Coverage (Tire Only): Did a tire issue hault your commute? We have you covered. We will reimburse you for the cost of repair. And if it’s not repairable, we will cover the cost of the tire replacement.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement: When car repairs require you to rent a car, we can help you out. For more information on what rental car benefits are available for your plan, visit our Benefits page.
  • Trip Interruption: Incidents happen during long trips, causing delays and other inconveniences. If you are left stranded more than 100 miles from home, we can cover your hotel expenses.

For more information on the benefits of auto warranties, call our representatives today. We can help you determine how each fits into your specific coverage plan.

Here at Omega Auto Care, we want to make financial security and peace of mind the norm for car owners who are no longer protected by a factory warranty. With our plans and benefits, you can boost your coverage post-warranty, driving your car for years to come. We look forward to working with you.

This website provides general information regarding our vehicle service contracts. To obtain specific definitions; terms and conditions; coverage; benefits; claim instructions; exclusions; and special state requirements, you must refer to the validated contract you receive upon purchase of one of our plans.

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