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A car’s steering wheel is one of the main points of control that a driver has at his disposal. It is crucial to ensure the functionality of a car’s steering system because when it doesn’t work right, it will compromise the safety of the driver and all passengers in the car. There are subtle signs of a problematic steering system to which one has to be sensitive.
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Sometimes, a car seems to show left and right turning radii which are significantly dissimilar in size. This means that one wheel turns with a greater angle compared to the other. This could get worse and spell unfortunate disaster in the near future.
Some people might choose to ignore this, but there are instances when a steering wheel does not remain upright, even if the tires are already in a neutral position. This is a sign that a steering wheel has loosened its grip on the steering post. Of course, when left unchecked, the extreme of this is that the steering wheel comes off altogether, a clear danger on the road.
A steering wheel is able to control how tires turn by means of a gearing system. When a driver gets the feeling that he has to steer the wheel more times just to make the tires point in a chosen direction, this is a sign of delayed steering response.
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These issues have consequences that pose a danger to life. The truly safe car is one that has a service contract covering periodical check-ups to avert the escalation of small issues into huge, dangerous, and irreversible problems.
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