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The costs of owning a car do not end with the purchase price. Cars need to go through periodic maintenance to extend their usable life, especially if owners plan to sell them at a decent price later on. Moreover, skipping maintenance results in more expensive repairs and increases the risk of accidents. ranked the most expensive car brands to maintain through 10 years. This list should help buyers decide on what they can actually afford.

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Many car enthusiasts might have already guessed this, but the most expensive cars to maintain are those from luxury German brands BMW (total cost of $17,800) and the Mercedes-Benz ($12,900). Another German brand on the list is Audi ($12,400) as the fifth most expensive.

Of the top 10, six are American brands. Ranked from most expensive are Cadillac ($12,500), Saturn ($12,400), Mercury ($12,000), Pontiac ($11,800), Chrysler ($10,600), and Dodge ($10,600). The only other European car in the top 10 is Volvo ($12,500).

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It would be good to understand the costs of maintenance especially because these increase by an average of $150 per year as the car ages. After 13 years of use, annual maintenance costs will reach $2,000.

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