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As a driver, it is important to pay attention to the feel and sounds of a car for one’s own safety. Some signs forebode that the car should make a trip to an auto repair shop.
When the engine chugs slowly, and it takes several attempts to get it running, the battery is dying and needs to be replaced immediately. However, this could also mean a failing alternator or starter.


When the car squeals or grinds when stepping on the brakes, something is off with the brake system. Brake failure is one of the most dangerous hazards on the road.
Excessive vibrations manifest problems possibly with the tire alignment, brake rotors or caliper, the engine, or transmission.
Oil spots underneath the car signify a leak, and the oil may soon drain very quickly and cause an expensive problem.

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There are several probable causes to the different signs of an impending car failure, and the only way a car owner can confirm this is to have it checked by a repair professional as soon as possible.
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